Sep 1, 2009

Sawasdee Hatyai

This is a short 2D1N trip organized by me (of course!) during my visit to Penang year end 2009. It is also a birthday trip for DD cos we celebrated his bday there. The trip was awesome given that food are cheap and shopping is crazy!!

The journey from Penang to Bukit Kayu Hitam, the border between Malaysia and Thai, took about 1 and 1/2hour. We parked our car in the Duty Free Zone Shopping Complex and took a cab into Hatyai, which took another 1 hour. KL was pretty excited at first cos the cab's a Mitsubishi Lancer, but it was a rather old car.
this car had super loud engine sound and driving at only 70kph sounded like 120kph

fake accident display by roadside to alert motorists

The driver only charge us 400baht (RM40) for a 60km journey. Thai time is one hour later than Malaysia time, so it was only 10am when we reached our hotel. Lee Garden Plaza hotel (Rm110 /nite for a superior room) is situated right at the central of Hatyai and you can easily find lotsa tut-tut outside.
Dearie got excited seeing the hot chick in the tiger show ticket, not knowing that the picture is merely for illustration purposes

testing the bed, okay, comfy enough!

Tut-tut cars everywhere, honking at tourists (and we thought we heard them saying maicib*i, haha, sometimes Thai language can be confusing, greeting sounds like cursing...)

One of the must-try in Thailand, Samurai Pork Burger in McDonald's

Not spicy at all, pork meat patty dipped in sweet sauce. However I must say, very disappointing, I don't fancy the strong pork smell =(

Then it was time to do massage. It's my 1st time doing Thai massage, did Oriental Chinese and Balinese massage before, those are oil massages. Thai massage is completely different. They dont use oil but mainly pressing, pulling and twisting your body and spine. I was a bit nervous at first, but slowly enjoying it. Thai massage is relatively cheap compared to other massage, only 250 baht for 1.5 hr.
very clean place, no kinky services available here, all massauers are aunties. Health Massage at the 7th floor of our hotel
I love shopping at the lil boutiques in Lee Garden Plaza shopping mall. And a creative art market was going on too

I think these are called BB-bullets guns, banned in Malaysia cos I heard it can actually kill if shot at near distance. The stall also sell Japanese Samurai swords

Khlonghae Floating market

The boats literally dont move


The pork kebab is nice, others so-so only

Beehoon soup and kerabu (20baht each)

Finally, it was the most anticipated activities of the trip - the tiger show @ Hawaii. I've already watched once in Amsterdam red light district but still I'm a bit looking forward to this Asian version. lol. We had to wait for the previous show to end. When it was our turn to enter, we quickly rush in, not that we are kiasu, we dont want to be left choosing the seat in the front row. There were a whole lot of other tourist, I can see they're Malaysian cos all look very sakai. 450 baht with a glass of beer.

The show started off with all the performers dancing with their clothes on, then a magician did some lame tricks. After that the real performer came out in bikini, she looks so young I thought she's underaged (who knows). She did some strip dancing and pole dancing then came down from the stage, nude, and started to jump onto some single men. haha.. I was so shocked cos this never happend during the sex show I've watched in RLD. Then there were several other performing stunt acts using their private parts. Not really disgusting, but quite amusing in a way. There was also a guy performer doing the drum and keyboard with his d*ck It was really funny! And of course the "live" show in the end. Oh, I nearly forgot, the last part was a really pretty girl doing the strip dance and showing her d*ck, yes, she's a shemale. haha... Dearie was near to throwing out. lol.

Went for bird's nest soup before we head back to hotel. Bird's nest soup is my freaking fav food, just that I cannot afford to have it often. All vain ppl out there, bird nest is good for your complexion! lol!


I 'm not sure why Hatyai has so many shops selling bird's nest soup. We got this 200baht per bowl, yummmm .... and with bai guo.. One each, okay, no sharing cos vain ppl like me need to eat a lot. lol.

We gave dearie a surprise birthday celebration. Poor him, already sound asleep when nhiou them came in with a birthday cake.

Dearie with his bday gift - a Guess watch - from me

Even Ronald in Hatyai says Sawasdee, Kap Kap
I took this photo cos I want to remind myself that Thai pineapple is really really sweet

Our ride for the last day tour to Songkhla, a Chevrolet

We had some difficulties communicating with our driver. Ah Porn the travel agency taukenio should have arrange someone who can at least understand English, bad! It was funny when we had to do hand and sound gestures to tell him "we wanna go eat nice seafood at nice restaurant with seaview" (pls teach me if you know how to translate in Thai)

Mermaid statue in Songkhla

Tang Kuan Hill, overlooking Songkhla City
(don't go here, it's a boring place to visit)
A seafood village restaurant. We're seated outside with sea view, nice!

nth better to do, so we posed with the local mineral bottle

yey, time to savour!

all of these only cost us 1000 baht (rm25 each person), cheap wtf

green mango kerabu with lots of cashew nuts, oh heaven!

i love this seafood tomyam, cos it's thick but not too spicy

cuttlefish in curry powder gravy

happily feasted

We did some shopping for liquer chocolate at the duty free shopping complex before heading back to Malaysia. It was a long queue exiting into Malaysia immigration. Yeah back to home..   


zan-KX said...

i always go to hatyai, 3 to 5 time a year but never know about this place. last december i've tried to find this market after read in somebody blog. unfortunately, i failed.
can you give me the cordinate of the place?

yv0nne said...

which market are you referring to? the khlonghae floating market? well, in fact i'm not too sure how to reach there cos we only hired a tut tut. it's within 5km from town centre. i hope that helps.